Monday, January 2, 2017

Happy 2017

Happy New Year

Happy New Year Friends! I experienced my 1st New Years here in Chile and have to say that I’m not disappointed at all. Had a nice dinner with my family, went to bed at 5am Jan 1st. Can't remember when I stayed up this late haha. Seems like in the States we are real boring. Same morning was invited to my wife's cousins house where we had ribeye steaks and a lot of fixings, beer, wine, several types of ice cream and cakes. What better way to invite the new year. Laid in the pool most of the day and ended the day with a solid soccer match.

Some things that I need to fill in, I've been real slack in writing.Christmas eve all the kids were waiting in the street to see Santa Claus. Apparently a nice fellow spends his night riding around his sleigh(car with Christmas lights) saying ho ho ho. Another note, it's 90 degree weather here...Are Santa Claus's here secretly wrestlers trying to lose weight???? The kids in the neighbor hood have a tradition to wait in the street counting down to midnight, just like new years. At midnight they all run into their houses to open their gifts. Thought that this was a nice tradition.

At the bazaars you can find some nice gifts before Christmas. Most people tend to stroll the bazaars for the cheap street vendor food. You can find shishkabobs, pizzas, hot dogs, tacos, sopapillas, kind of like arrepas. Most of the items are knock offs, Chinese black market galore.  I'm going to take some pictures next time I go to a famous one here near my house. 

Just want to wish all my friends and family good health, blessings in this 2017. The world lacks in humanity. Let us not act like animals and have kind hearts. Society pushes us to our limits, but let us reach deep down in our hearts, find our souls. Be kind to one another. 

Until next time friends.



Day after some light rain you can see the mountain range. Beautiful!

Some local street art.
Autopista del sol.
Eating @ El Patan, nice view.
Cerros in my barrio looking over my neighbors yard.
Islote Gaviotas
More cerros in my backyard.
Me and the kids @ the park.

Monday, November 28, 2016

My city

This is what I get to see on the road on a daily basis. No, not a bunch of power lines haha. The Ande's mountain range, snow covered peaks that reach the heavens! I'm not sure how many years it takes for this view to get old but I seem to enjoy it everyday. We have been having a lot of wild fires down here so the smog and smoke has been horrible for the view and my lungs... The heat is a dry heat, no humidity here, which means less perspiration, and shade does cool you off big time, it's noticeable right away. At night the temp drops pretty low and that's why I have a nasty cough :(

I went to the bazaar last week and it was huge. 8 blocks of venders with everything you can imagine. Really, everything...One vender had a hippie rug with all the drugs laid right out ready for injection. Most of it was Marijuana, but they did have some shots of cocaine. Didn't anticipate that at the bazaar haha. Despite that suprise it was relaxed environment. Haven't seen any petty crimes committed yet knock on wood. I think that it has to be the time and place just like any bad area to be honest. Just use your street smarts and you'll be ok. Alright my friends, until next time.

Tuesday, November 15, 2016

Life In Chile

So I've been here in Chile for about 10 days. I spent the first four days at the Ritoque beach, and it was so peaceful. I am glade that my first days of arrival were of rest.

The following days I spent at our property in Taligante, getting to know the city and neighborhood. It is on the outskirts of Lonquen and it has amazing views of all the hills and the Ande's in the background. There is a lot of new development but mostly the town is agriculturally rooted. The upper class seems to be flocking here to escape the big city. 

We are making a dome for storage and then drilling a water well. After we will begin construction on the house. I have no phone as of yet, but I am trying to find my go pro so I can at least shoot some video and post it maybe here or on my Flikr account.

The driving is a bit crazy like in any motropolis and I am sure that eventually I'll get used to it. All public servants that work for the state are on strike so that going to delay my visa process a bit, but I'm not really worried. The people here are a mix of warm hearted folks and big assholes. I think that's also maybe a big city reality that I'll have to deal with. My experience has been mostly good though. I think that the Chilean people are nicer to foreigners wink wink!


Tuesday, November 8, 2016

Here in Chile

A lot of time has passed between the last entry and where I am now. The last few days where very taxing on me and my wife, trying to get the house ready for market and trying to get ourselves prepared for this epic move. The last three nights we went to bed around 2 & 3 in the morning each day. It's really hard to put the experience in words but the house was not perfect and we had left a lot of clothes/material/tools behind. It felt as if we where abandoning our house and the things we had paid money for, a strange feeling of loss.

We  had some help from some good friends/neighbors along the way. My neighbor Andy Carter was a great help. We were blessed to have him as a neighbor, he was an easy person to talk to, very open and always looking to give a helping hand when we needed it. We started this relationship with a simple friendly geasture of giving him a plate of food and that friendly geasture turned into something beautiful. He helped us get to the train station and saying goodbye wasn't easy. Thanks Andy for being a great neighbor! 

Saying bye to my faare fragilemily was hard. Saying bye to my mother was real hard... Then seeing my old relatives like my grandparents, aunt and uncle that  healthwise, knowing that very easily they could pass on was a hard reality that I had to swallow. Seeing my birthplace for one  last time, the Atlantic ocean, the houses, shopping plazas, people, I tried to take it all in and take a mental foto of what life is like in the states. 

I have a lot to write and it's super late. This is to be continued....

Tuesday, October 25, 2016

Last Days In Garner

So I'm about to move to Chile and have a few weeks to get my house ready, close up my business, and live the last few weeks of my life here in Garner. The following post will be about my latest advances with the house and my daily ramblings about closing up the business and trying to prepare myself for this epic move!